Consciously Choosing the Right Side of History

The events of the past week have been a whirlwind as it relates to the actions of the current administration. Quite frankly, I’m disgusted that the Executive branch of the United States is vying to take steps that will set our country back and cause issues that will reverberate around the globe. In the coming months, I will do my part to become a more knowledgeable citizen and spread that knowledge amongst those in my network. I will not stand by and watch innocent people die, Muslims be persecuted for their faith, refugees and immigrants shut out and have the most vulnerable communities be exposed to even more precarious circumstances than what they already experience.

Syrian Refugees in crisis boat. (Image by: The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

Building walls and closing borders, isolating ourselves atop this imaginary hill, restricting access to health care and legislating what women should do with their bodies, pitting religions against one another and threatening to implement martial law-like policies in major American cities is not in alignment with our Constitution nor will it make us a safer union. I’ve never seen a country thrive with something as divisive as a wall — especially against an allied country. So, if my words mean anything, I stand with my Muslim brothers and sisters, I stand with refugees without a peaceful place to rest their heads, I stand with women who have very few options, I stand with the middle class whose resources are spread thin as it is, I stand with immigrants (which we all are) who helped build this country, I stand with Black Lives Matter because we do and I don’t have time to explain the slogan because I’m too busy worried about how to keep more of us alive, I stand with the LBGTQ community because no one should dictate who you love or deny you rights they are privileged to have. Enough is enough. I refuse to be on the wrong side of history with this administration. I will speak out against wrong and unjust legislative policies — and the direction that this administration is going in is — wrong and unjust.