A simple way to get things done

This is a simple formula to help prioritize tasks and get as many important tasks done as quickly as possible.

Start with your standard issue list of tasks in a spreadsheet. First, give each task a priority between 1 and 5. The lower the number the higher priority.

Next, give each task a level of effort score of 1 through 5. The higher the number the higher the level of effort.

For each task sum the priority and level of effort score then sort your task list by the sum ascending.

What you will see is high priority but easy tasks drift to the top of your list while low priority long tasks drift to the bottom. Just work your list top to bottom and you will get the high priority but easy stuff done first while building momentum towards the longer and lower priority tasks.

I have used this simple formula for years, it works pretty well. You can modify the formula with weights for different classes of tasks but the simple sum works just fine for me 95% of the time.