When Does Good Art By Awful People Become Untouchable?
Ben Freeland

Interesting piece. I tend to separate the work from the artist myself. Cosby was a bad person, but his work was spectacular.

There is nothing wrong with both enjoying the work, and recognizing the wrongs of the individual. Most everyone, male or female, has faults, some quite egregious. While I understand, due to the current political climate, the desire to say that men are scum, women are flawless, this promotes a sexism which is just as egregious as the racism of claiming that Black people are more likely to be criminals, then proceeding to show examples.

I am not excusing anyone, regardless of sex or gender, I am simply pointing out that we should not presume a predisposition toward a certain behavior because of such, unless you are going to argue that such behavior is inherent in the sex, but in that case, is it really wrong?

Now, if misogyny is your ‘ultimate sin’ you are most likely to find male offenders, but once you enter in general abuse, misandry, racism, sexism, etc. you will find that many women are not as innocent as you think. And if you believe that only men sexually abuse young people, you are in for a BIG surprise.

Other than the bias against men, I found this piece quite interesting and informative. Thank you!


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