When Did the American Dream Become Flying Private to Dubai?
Kitanya Harrison

You had me up to:

We’re seeing the precursors of what’s to come now with the surge in White supremacist terrorism. It will get worse before it gets better. Fortunately, there is a growing left-wing socialist movement to act as a counterbalance. I just hope it’s not too little, too late.

The growing left-wing socialist movement has it’s own underpinnings of terrorism, unless you think that Antifa setting buildings on fire and beating up people is ‘for their own good’.

It seems to me, and I may be wrong, that at the end you make this out to be “right is bad, left is good” but it is far more complex. The answer is somewhere in the middle. Yes, we need more social programs, but socialism, that it where the means of production are owned or controlled by the government doesn’t work.

“But, what about the UK, Germany, Denmark?” you ask. Well, those are regulated Capitalist nations. That is, there are private business owners who are quite wealthy, the government just regulates what they can do more.

If you want to talk about Socialism, look at China (although they are currently going through a Capitalist phase as they realize that Socialism doesn’t generate the wealth they need to support the nation), Venezuela, Laos, North Korea, Vietnam.

The fact is Socialism does not and never has worked. Modern Socialism was designed by Stalin to lead people from Capitalism to Communism, as an intermediary step. The problem however is that on large scale, these systems don’t work. People class themselves all the time. Look just at the Left. They represent themselves as the “educated ones”, the “woke people”, the “ones who care about everyone”. In each of these cases they are presenting themselves as morally or intellectually superior to those who are not them. They are classist, while at the same time, decrying class.

And despite their enormous strength in cities like New York, San Francisco and Philadelphia, those cities also have the some of the highest rates of non-affordable housing, poverty, violence and flat out homelessness in the Nation.

Think about that. The strongholds of the Left are the places where you NEED to be wealthy to be comfortable. It is a requirement, unlike the Rural right, where you can, more often than not, live on minimum wage.

I am not defending the minimum wage, it is far too low, but how is it that the uneducated country bumpkins have a higher standard of living overall, when you look at the conditions of poor people in both areas? It should be the opposite, if the Left really is the Salvation of the Nation.

You have some good stuff here, although I had never heard of rise and grind before today, so I am glad you brought it to my attention, but the rising Left-Wing Socialist Movement needs to get past the same blindness that the rise and grinders suffer if they seriously want to save the Nation, namely the certainty that they alone have the TRUTH, and answers to the world’s problems. They too are a religion worshiping at the alter of Socialism, as the rise and grind worship at the altar of Capitalism.

Thank you