I love ya Sean, but you are wrong.
Travis Neilson

You could arguably compare this to the daily writing exercises that many creators use. It’d be like setting aside an entire day to power through some ‘rainy day’ topics, so that when needs be, and life outruns your commitments, you can just dust one off and call it a day.

In that context, it’s completely counter productive and rather silly. But what if you made a public commitment to publish those daily writings, and had an audience holding you accountable? Now the parallels are undeniable.

There’s nothing wrong with a buffer though. It can be fine, even necessary. Magazine publishers and news organization do it every day. They’re entire issues ahead. Celebrity obituaries are pre-written with good reason, but the blanks still have to be filled with immediate context before publishing.

It’s all relative and depends on not only what the audience gets out of it, but also the creator.