2017 MLB Home Run Derby Predictions

Giancarlo Stanton (Miami Marlins)

The 2017 Home Run Derby will feature a combination of established superstars, young talent with seemingly limitless upside, and veterans who are approaching the level of baseball superstardom. As this is the Home Run Derby, these predictions are to be taken with a bit more skepticism than usual.

First Round (Matchup winners bold)

(1) Giancarlo Stanton v (8) Gary Sánchez: Already embroiled in slight controversy with regards to his inclusion in the Home Run Derby over Logan Morrison, I fully expect Sánchez to muster an unimpressive outing. Plus, Giancarlo Stanton has been one of the best power-hitters in baseball over the past several seasons (bar last season), and will most likely have no trouble defeating Sánchez in the first round.

(4) Mike Moustakas v (5) Miguel Sanó: This matchup could honestly go either way, but I think that Sanó will walk away with a ticket to the second round.

(3) Cody Bellinger v (6) Charlie Blackmon: While Bellinger is widely seen as the favorite to win this matchup, don’t underestimate Blackmon’s abilities as a power-hitter. That said, I expect Bellinger to replicate some of his home runs from the first half of the season and comfortably win the matchup by 3 or more dingers.

(2) Aaron Judge v (7) Justin Bour: Despite Judge not being the highest seed in the Home Run Derby, I believe that this matchup will be the most lopsided out of any of them. Don’t be surprised if Judge mashes at least 10 dingers in the round, with at least 2 of them going 475 feet or more.

Aaron Judge (New York Yankees)

Second Round

(1) Giancarlo Stanton v (5) Miguel Sanó: In front of the hometown Marlins fans, Stanton will continue his tear through the bracket with that ever-so-sweet swing of his. Sanó will initially have a nice streak of home runs, but will quickly fizzle out of the competition.

(3) Cody Bellinger v (2) Aaron Judge: The most probable 2017 Rookies of the Year could potentially compete against each other in this round, making it an even harder matchup to predict. However, I believe that Aaron Judge’s sheer size will prove to be the key determinant of his success within this matchup, allowing him to squeak by the Dodgers’ first baseman with slight room to spare.

Cody Bellinger (Los Angeles Dodgers)


(1) Giancarlo Stanton v (2) Aaron Judge: The fact that these two players are so similar makes predicting a theoretical matchup a lot more difficult. However, I will give Stanton the edge in this matchup due to the support he’ll be receiving from the many Marlins fans making the journey to see him compete.

Who do you think will win the 2017 Home Run Derby? Leave your thoughts and predictions in the comments section below!