Starbucks Android Mobile Order & Pay

by Chase Bratton, Product Designer @ Starbucks

Creating A Personal Ordering Experience For Starbucks Customers

Closely following the release of the Starbucks Android Material Design update, our digital products team launched a brand new feature: Mobile Order & Pay [beta]. The release coincides with Starbucks iOS, allowing all Starbucks customers in the US access to the feature.

Launch, Learn, Iterate

Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay [MOP] launched as an iOS only beta in Pacific Northwest Starbucks stores last year. We gathered data and customer insights to understand the program’s effects. The learnings from this testing period allowed for iOS MOP to make additional enhancements in tandem with initial Android MOP development. The ordering process was solidified into an experience that would scale efficiently for a national rollout.

Photo by Jason Stoff

Default to Content

The Starbucks Android MOP implementation defaults to product content throughout the ordering experience. A customer can add an item to their order at every level of the menu hierarchy.

Find A Drink, Make It Your Own

A customer can tap into any product to add customizations, easily calibrating their favorite drink to their exact specifications.

Effortlessly Reorder What You Love

After a Starbucks customer places their first order, a “Recents” tab will appear in the menu, displaying previously ordered items. With 1-tap a customer can add any previously ordered items to their current order, including customizations. This means heavily customized items do not have to be reconfigured from scratch upon reorder.

Real-Time Product Availability

Starbucks store menus vary based on region, so we display real time store inventory in the menu. To see another store’s menu, simply choose a different Starbucks store anywhere the order flow by tapping on the store name at the bottom of the screen.

Your Order At A Glance

The Order Builder screen provides a detailed description of all order details. A customer can easily edit items in their order, change their pickup store, or get directions.

Looking Forward

Feedback and data play a critical role in helping us understand how to create a mobile ordering experience that is constantly evolving and growing to best suit the needs of our customers. If you have any feedback for us, please feel free to reach out!

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Starbucks Product Design Team

Caroline Maxwell (Product Designer), Chase Bratton (Product Designer), Jason Stoff (Sr. Product Designer), Trevor Denton (Sr. Product Designer), Jeff Peters(Product Designer Manager), Jeremy Beasley (Product Design Manager), Ben Ford (Product Designer)