15 Hours Late…

After over a year of consecutive days writing and publishing on medium I had my first missed day yesterday. :sad_face:

I know everyone was waiting for me to hit publish so they could read my wonderful writing and hear more about my thoughts and opinions. (huge amounts of sarcasm intended) But alas, I missed it. It was inevitable that it would happen.

I briefly considered stopping the goal of writing daily since I missed a day but I quickly dismissed that idea as anything good. So I will be writing two posts today, aka catch up work.

As to why I missed writing is irrelevant mostly, it all has to do with breaking habit and routine.

Nearly everyday writing a post is a part of my morning routine. I usually have some other journaling and list making that I do to get my brain moving and get any clarity out of my mind on paper. Then I move to my public journal post, aka medium post.

The important thing to remember for something as simple as writing every day or working on becoming a more patient person or any endeavor you venture out to accomplish, it is in the doing that you get better. So missing a day or being even 15 hours late to make your “deadline” it is still better that it happens than not.

It’s easy to forget and then not do what you are working at, and then use it as an excuse of being too busy or something came up. But don’t let that stop you from getting what you want done, done.

So whether your 15 hours late, or 3 years late, it’s better late than never.