3 Apps You Can’t Live Without

Make Your Work More Efficient With These Dope Apps

Forever and always I will be looking for more apps that help me get things done quicker and make my life easier. I love software for that very reason, that it can progress and continually improve to provide a better and better experience.

Since the evolution of the app store for iPhones, that world has become commonplace in nearly all tech environments, especially the Mac. I’m an avid Mac user and have been for many years now. So I love great new apps in the app store to make simple tasks better and make my life easy :)

Here are 3 apps you should definitely make sure you have installed. I am putting them down in the order I use them most, so if you only get 1 of them, get the first but if you want to really up your quality of life, get all 3 of these installed right away.

#1: Magnet

Whoever built this app deserves a nobel prize. Seriously. I use this app at least 25x per day, and that’s probably a low estimate. It is the perfect companion for anyone that is doing any work on a computer. When you open and close apps you can simply resize windows to fit right in the space you have to work with on your screen with simple customizable shortcuts.

I use the halves and corner features the most, but I find that I am more and more using the 2/3 / 1/3 feature as well to size up my screen. For example, a code editor and a terminal window like this:

There are more than a million use cases for having this installed and running always. It just chills in your tool bar ready to resize your windows at your every wish. Very reliable, always stays on top of updates and I’ve never had any issues with performance because of it.

It is and has been a life save for me. Download it here:

#2: Paste

This app is money. If you use a computer, you probably copy paste a few things every once in awhile. In my case, every single day, multiple times per day there is a lot of copy and pasting going on. It’s a pretty crucial part of the whole computer ecosystem.

Paste is a simple app that just keeps your clipboard for whatever amount you set it to, I believe I have mine for the past 500. Then you can search your clipboard or save special links. For example, you might save a common password you use that can’t be saved in something like lastpass, or I use it all the time to save queries that I often run to our data warehouse.

Whatever it is you need to have access to you can simply toggle the paste bar and see all your recent history so you can grab what you need, even if it wasn’t the last thing you copied.

Mine looks something like this:

Download it here:

#3: Screencastify

This is by far the fastest way to record a video and get it hosted on google drive or youtube for someone else to see. It works incredibly well, is super reliable and is fast.

I have mine set up to start/stop with command+shift+g and to pause/resume with command+shift+p. Super simple, you can start it in any chrome window and record your whole screen.

Then when you’re done, name the file and choose how you want the file shared, with 2 clicks it’s uploaded to your personal youtube account, and you can save it as “unlisted” so it’s private for whomever has the link.

This one is free, or $25 for the whole year, but WELL worth the money. It’s fantastic and FAR FAR cheaper than anything else remotely close to what this can do quality wise. Plus, it has less steps and integrates seamlessly with all your google stuff, pretty great.

Get it here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/screencastify-screen-vide/mmeijimgabbpbgpdklnllpncmdofkcpn?hl=en

That’s wrap. I use all of these nearly every day. They are fantastic and well worth the cost and tiny amount of time to set up. Once you have your shortcuts ready and good to go you’ll be flying through your work and you won’t know how you lived without these fantastic app.

p.s. I’m not endorsed or paid to say these things, thus this is just good ‘ole word of mouth and personal endorsement of a few apps I’ve seen do really great things for me.