3 Gary Halbert Tapes You Must Listen To…

Advice straight from the prince of print himself…

Recently I’ve been listening through some of the old Gary Halbert tapes and other old recordings from Joe Polish. They are timeless classics of marketing genius. If you don’t love marketing you probably won’t love these tapes, but if you have any inkling of desire to understand it better and grow in ability you’ve gotta listen to these tapes.

Now you don’t actually have to listen to a cassette tape, you can just grab the audio file and put it on your phone, but they are well worth the time to go through.

He teaches of how to pick the right list, which is really figuring out who you are talking to, and nowadays it’s even easier with all the other data and resources we have available to us.

He also goes through the process of what it takes to become a great copywriter, it’s an intensive process but very deliberately designed in a way that will help you achieve that result.

I just love listening to them talk about marketing and talk about rewinding the tapes and flipping it over. They are timeless classics.

Anyway, here they are: (just click on the link below and you can download the files.)