At Least 3x Faster Than PostgreSQL

In my initial tests…

Now to be fair this is comparing one Amazon product to another, but I am super impressed right away with my testing. Things that I do everyday with our data and seeing that the speed to query and provide insights taking a 1/3 of the time is an amazing feat. Great work Ethan Wolz.

We started out our data structuring and building of a prototype warehouse with a standard Amazon RDS instance of PostgreSQL. It worked and allowed us to get to the point that we could test our insights and data pulling capabilities but we quickly realized that it wasn’t going to work out long term. To be fair, we knew this would be the case, just didn’t think it would happen as fast as it did…

So naturally as we started growing we looked for a better data warehouse product, one that could handle our future growth so we don’t have to make so many switches between data warehouses. We looked into Amazon Redshift and Snowflake.

Redshift proved to be the winner for our needs currently and moving forward and as I have started pulling data with our BI tools and running performance queries I am seeing MASSIVE gains in speed to execute compared to our standalone PG DB. Not surprised at the slightest, but super stoked at the bump in performance.

With a new data warehouse, new data pulling modules, our product is going to get a massive upgrade and is way more bulletproof to problems than before. So if you are a client currently, get ready for some cool new stuff because our data is being treated quite nicely. If you’re not a client, well looks like it’s time to join and get onboard.

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