Be Grateful For Your Senses

It’s easy to be complacent or forget

Yesterday, I saw a video that reminded me how grateful I am to have all my senses working and functioning as they should. I’m talking about sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. It’s super easy to take for granted that we have all those abilities.

Furthermore, I feel extra lucky in a lot of cases because I don’t have to wear glasses to see perfectly, or hearing aids to hear, and I didn’t even have to have braces, not that it really has anything to do with taste.

There are simple things in life like being able to see that are an amazing thing to still have. See the beautiful world outside and see everything around you. To be able to drive and see the people with whom you spend time.

Also, having all your limbs is a cool thing. I’ve been watching shark week this week as well here and there, and there are plenty of folk who have lost an arm or leg due to shark attacks or other wild animals lashing out at them, so I’m grateful that I have all my limbs today and a body that functions.

Here’s the video that triggered this, check it out.