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1 Simple Trick To Get More Views & Reads On Your Next Post

For the last 283 Days I’ve published a post everyday. I’m no celebrity, or even micro-celebrity. I have an average amount of friends who occasionally read through my posts. However, I’m not writing to have others read, it’s just a bonus and forcing factor that helps me do it everyday.

Here’s the thing. Everyday, I spend a large amount of time looking through data for many advertising campaigns and making decisions to help optimize their outcome and get more reach, clicks, sales and customers for less money. So it’s just a part of my nature to want to create more opportunity with less work. Hold on to this thought.

Medium is awesome.

I love it as a platform. It’s so easy to sit down and just start writing. I’m convinced without it, there is no way I would be this consistent in writing daily, they’ve just made it so easy and awesome to create content and share ideas with the world.

Buffer is also awesome. They make social content syndication super easy. Allow you to schedule out posts and add them to a queue so you can keep writing and they will be published continually as long as something is in the queue. You are able to post to multiple social platforms and post to them at the optimal time of your friends and viewers each day. It’s super cool. All you have to do is grab the link for your post and drop it in buffer and it takes care of the rest.

A while back, Medium came out with a new social posting feature that is even easier and super cool. When you click publish in the top right corner of your post editor screen you see something like this:

It allows you to add tags to your post, up to 5, to help your story reach more interested people organically from medium traffic.

Additionally, they have 2 sharing buttons that allow you to push your post to Twitter and Facebook. It couldn’t be easier.

However, compared to buffer it’s pretty terrible, at least for someone like me. Not that it posts it terrible, but it doesn’t have the ability to figure out when to post things at the optimal time to get the most traffic.

Since I switched back to buffer as the social delivery tool, I’m seeing 5–6x more views and reads on my posts. My writing hasn’t changed much, but simply posting at a different time of day has made a difference.

So if you are writing and publishing, take the extra step to set up a buffer account (they have a free version), and post that way. It’s cool to have more people having the opportunity to read what you write. The more they read, the more motivation you have to push yourself and write just a little better.

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