But What If It Does…?

All the hard work and uncertainty really is worth it

They say that about 80% of new startups fail in the first 5 years or something, and then another big percentage fail after that. So why do so many people go for it? Why do we spend so much time and effort putting these things together and trying to bring new ideas to market?

I was listening to Jason Calacanis on his podcast This Week in Startups and he said something so simple but just resonated profoundly with me.

“There are so many reasons why it’s not going to work, it’s not about the long list of why it’s not going to work, but what if it does, what if it does work!”

Sure there is a ton of competition, there is a lot of opposition, there is a ton of people saying it won’t work. But what if it does work? What if you can really make a difference, won’t it be worth it then?

We could go down the list of thousands who have tried things and look at all those who were successful and when you look at those companies like Apple, Uber, Nike, IBM, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and thousands of others that have become these massive amazing brands that we rely on and enjoy. Wouldn’t it be worth it to become one of them?

I’ve never heard a founder or co-founder talk about how easy it was to get started, and yet they are always so stoked about what they are working on.

All these big problems in life can be solved with some thinking and some brave individuals who are willing to go for it, and it’s really not about the money. If it’s just about money for you, go work somewhere else. It’s about making a change, and making a difference and freedom.

Freedom of ideas, freedom in life, and opportunity for others. That’s what I want, and maybe just maybe we’ll figure out how to make it all piece together and work and that will be awesome. I fully believe that the problem we are trying to solve can impact the world. It might seem simple, but I’m yet to see someone who has really figured it out.

We believe in accelerating abundance, and that is done by getting more of these great ideas of entrepreneurs out to more of their customers more effectively. That starts with sharing their ideas effectively and helping them gain traction. Marketing will always be an important part of that, and being able to do that more efficiently is more and more important as the competition increases.

Sure startups are hard, and running a successful business is nearly impossible, but if it works, man will it be worth it. Even if you fail a bunch of times, it will be worth it. I say go for it, I mean why not. At least that way you’ll get to enjoy the chance and future that creates. Go for those dreams, and you might just be in that minority that makes it.

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