Day 2: Sketching

The Design Sprint Continues…

Our second day at this was much better than the first, but I have to give credit where it’s due, and the first day is way harder no matter what because that’s the deciding point of what you are going to design and fix anyway, so it makes a ton of sense that it’d be pretty difficult to start.

Day 2 is all about sketching out your ideas. Lots of note taking and looking at inspiration in lightning demo format, plus reviewing notes and discussing which pieces are most important to figure out.

There is an exercise titled “Crazy Eights” that was immensely valuable. Basically you take a normal piece of printer paper and fold it into 8 equal sections, set a timer for one minute and then fill in one of those rectangles with the idea you are working on. Then try a new iteration or variation of that idea in the next box for the next minute and so on and so forth. It’s a rapid iteration process that really got the ideas moving and helped me come up with a bunch of different ways I could solve the problem at hand, and then I have a nice group of visual examples to choose from for my final sketch.

The beauty of it was the ROI, the awesome results from such short time, and it helped narrow in on what really is the best choice.

Day 2 was a huge success in my mind, we made TONS of progress and I’m super excited for everyone on the team to see the design sketch ideas I came up with and to see theirs as well.

Day 3 coming up!