Dear Apple…

Just a couple iOS Tweaks that would make me love you more

Apple is fantastic, and I love basically everything they produce, watch every keynote and I follow them very closely. They really make great products and software. I for one, am a huge fan of the close system with integrated hardware and software. It makes for just an amazing experience.

However, from time to time I’ve found a couple things that bother me, and I only have 3 for you today but if they could be fixed it would make life so much better.

#1: Ability to remove connected services bar

When connected services are running make a way for you to hide it. It’s super frustrating to have to tap a tiny spot on your phone to try and access it while that bar shows up. If you are using strava and on a bike ride, and you are using your phone, chances are you actually need to use it for a map or something so that bar always gets in the way.

#2: We never need notifications to pop up while driving

If the maps application is ever open with directions actively running, then we do not need notifications to pop up. Nothing is worse than trying to get to somewhere you’re not sure of and having a notification slide down on the top of the screen right before a turn. Just make maps have the ability to toggle off notifications while driving.

#3: Bring back a clickable home button

I love the new home button, super fast touch id and programmable. But I hate it when I am out playing and have gloves on because I can never toggle my phone open. I’d love to be able to click the home button and enter my passcode while having gloves on. It’d be great, or some other way to have a secure passcode on my phone and be able to get in without having to take my gloves off.

That’s all for now. Just fix those 3 things, it’d be great.

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