Dialing It In

Activity + Nutrition + Sleep + Mentality

There is a culture of “hacking” within our company that I not only identify with, but love. It’s not as much hacking in the sense of what one might think with computer hacking and breaking into the NSA, but more so the idea around it.

Essentially hacking is the essence of taking what you have access to and figuring out how to do more with it.

Our hacking is more along the lines of “Lifehacker” and “Biohacking”

As that is the case, I’ve been working on hacking my biology a bit more and getting my nutrition on par with what makes me most productive. Trying new workout routines and standardizing a few more aspects of life.

My morning breakfast as of late has been a bulletproof hot chocolate. A slight deviation from Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Coffee. Basically, no coffee of course, I use 100% raw cacao powder, Ghee, collagen protein, Brain octane oil (which is just a super concentrated form of coconut oil).

It’s awesome, tastes good and the ghee mixes in much smoother than butter, and gives me less GI problems during digestion than butter.

Then I try to follow the bulletproof food requirements as best I can. Lots of high quality fats like grass fed beef and avocado. For example, yesterday for lunch I made grass-fed ground beef seasoned with some awesome paleo powder, atop a bed of broccoli covered in salted kerrygold butter, and salted avocado atop the beef. It was amazing, super filling and I had great energy afterward.

My goal is to follow a closer to ketogenic lifestyle as possible, eating ≤ 5% of calories from carbs each day.

One hack around that when it comes to snack time, macadamia nuts. From a macronutrient level, they are far better than almonds or cashews because of the fat to protein to carb ratio.

I’ve been focusing on getting brief but quick heavy lifts 3ish times a week and then getting 3 days of cardio type activity in as well. I grew up playing soccer and running has always made me feel pretty good, and it’s been good to get out and run a lot more.

All of these things are little and rather simple, not much more expensive, if not cheaper and they make you feel amazing. It’s the whole idea around hacking, hacking your lifestyle as such that you are able to do all the things you want, perform when you need to and be the best version of yourself.