Don’t Let Your Team Down

Living our company mantras…

In an effort to cultivate the right attitude within our team we’ve tried to identify the things that help us become what we are hoping to achieve, setting those as our values and ideas of who we want to become rather than leaving it up to fate.

There are a few important ones that come to mind immediately

  • Never let your team down
  • Be a hacker
  • Don’t let our clients down
  • Know your data and know why
  • Learn everything you can and share what you know
  • Always figure out how to spend more money on Ads and increase ROAS.

Letting your team down. What does that mean? What does it look like if we are successful at not letting them down?

It’s really quite simple. We are to help anyone on our team at any time, and we work together not against each other. Competition only fuels our growth and ability to produce results. We work together to create the finest product and service possibly in our industry.

For anyone who played team sports growing up, you know what I mean. You showed up to practice, you were on time, you contributed to a hard work ethic and maintained a positive attitude when it wasn’t alwasy easy. Most importantly, when you made a mistake, you owned it and did what you could to remedy the error and move forward.

All of that is what we are hoping to achieve with our team. It should be the most fun place to work, with unlimited potential to grow and learn, where everyone shows up and pulls their own weight at achieving our goals and producing results. Our team shows up on time to our commitments, we attend and add to our weekly rhythms and we are happy.

Our team is awesome, I’m stoked everyday to get to work with each of our team members, and I look forward to everything we are working towards achieving over the next year.