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1 Cool Hack For Mac Users Only

In my home office set up I run on 2, 27" cinema displays powered by my MacBook Pro. I purposefully choice the biggest, most powerful laptop I could so I could run a home setup that was like a desktop while still having the flexibility to travel and have enough power to continue the work I was doing.

I love the idea of focusing down onto one screen and making that the center of attention from time to time, especially on certain projects, like ones that require writing. However, every time I leave my nice setup and desk I do miss my extra monitor from time to time.

So, solution, use your iPad. I have one, but mostly only use it for watching Netflix at night or reading from time to time, other than that it hasn’t had a whole lot of application for me, until now.

DuetDisplay is an app you can buy ($10) and it allows you to plug in your iPad to your MacBook and use it as a second display. It’s not gimmicky or crappy either. It’s plugged in and actually super responsive.

Furthermore, it runs just like you would expect a display to hook up to your computer, like this:

So now when I travel I always have a backup monitor to throw a few applications on while I am working remotely. It doesn’t take up a ton of space but it does easily allow you to have the extra workspace you need to be more efficient with the work you are doing.

I like to throw Slack and other communication apps on the second monitor. Also Evernote for quick note taking and reference. Then on my main big screen I can work on the most important thing, which is usually something in Chrome or another more memory intensive application.

Extra bonus if you have LTE on your iPad, because you can use it for both remote hotspot wifi for your computer, and a second monitor.

Extra Extra bonus. If for some reason you need to use your iPad for another application it has on it, the display app is just an app on your iPad, so all the multi-tasking features still work and you can simply switch to a different app to do what you need to do.

It almost makes having an iPad Pro really worth it, just for the extra space of a second traveling monitor.

Download here: