Every SaaS Company Should Have Live Chat…

Thanks for making our lives easier

Getting someone to sign up for any length of subscription takes serious effort. We focus on it all the time because of the additional stability and predictability of revenue it brings to a company. However, simply selling someone on it and getting them to join is only a part of the battle. Keeping those subscribers is just as if not more important than obtaining new subscribers in the first place.

In all my experience as a consumer with many many different software applications, which require a subscription, having a live chat capability has more than once saved me as a customer.

There are always little hiccups and problems along the way as you learn a new software and as you start to use it and allow it to become a part of our daily workflow. When you run into those snags and issues it so SUPER helpful to have an easy way to get ahold of a real human without having to call and wait to talk to them. (Except for you Freshbooks, your customer service is amazing and picks up the phone right away every time.)

Most recently, I ran into a billing issue where I had signed up for a personal plan of a new application and introduced the app to my team. We then signed up for a team account, and my email was converted to the team account. After a month had passed since I signed up, there was a 3 day period between my personal plan renewing for month 2 and our free trial for the team converting to a paid plan. So I was billed personally for 3 days of use and then our company was billed for me again a few days after that.

Not a huge deal, it was only a few dollars, but still a bit annoying. Luckily, I logged into my account, found the chat window at the bottom of the screen and started up a conversation. Not only did she handle and refund my issue nearly right away, but she helped answer a few questions that I have had for the last couple of weeks.

In this particular scenario I probably would not have cancelled my account, because I really enjoy the features the app gives me. However, it was incredibly useful and appreciated that I was able to get a quick response and answers to my questions without having to pick up the phone and wait, or worse, filing a complaint with my credit card.

So if you have any sort of SaaS application with users, you should have live chat. There are practically a billion apps out there to help you manage and control it, intercom seems to be the most widely adopted and easiest to implement, but I know I’ve seen many others as well that I like.

If you don’t have it, you probably aren’t answering all your customers questions, or getting all the feedback you could, and are most likely losing or allowing more customers to churn than you would if you had chat.

To all you apps and platforms with chat and realtime support, thank you for making my life a little bit easier and helping out.

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