Find Your Own Core Values

By what do you live and die?

In everything there is the essential and the extraneous. You may choose to focus on either aspect, but, those who find the most happiness and success tend to really understand at their core who they are and what makes them tick.

Core values are something we throw around as companies to explain what we believe, and if they are set up correctly, they create an environment by which you hire and fire and train up anyone with whom you work directly.

Just as important though is really understanding what is core to your own personal life. What do you find the most joy and satisfaction from, and how do you make decisions? Where are you your best self?

I’ve been thinking on this personally dialing in a bit more what really makes me tick, and what I most enjoy about life.

I love a good problem to solve, especially one that involves technology.

I love to tinker my way to the correct solution and have almost as much fun along the journey as I do at arriving at the outcome.

I love to really think about things and establish a longer term picture of clarity.

I believe there is more than enough for everyone, abundance of everything exists for those who can seek it.

I believe that data can solve nearly every problem, and looking through it logically more than emotionally will likely yield your best results.

I love removing the extraneous, optimizing by subtraction. I heard an interesting quote from a podcast the other day, that you often get more joy and satisfaction out of removing the negatives in your life than adding more positives.

I love space and time in the mountains and outdoors to regroup and rejuvenate.

The things at your very core should define who you are and how you act in any and all situations. They are the governing principles of humanity that you live by personally and how you choose to act.

Truth be told, they are not often thought of, though used everyday. It might just help to get a little clarity around your own personal beliefs and desires.