Finishing… Even When You’re Tired

Despite the late nights it’s worth it…

Last night I found myself sitting at my desk well past midnight, and hardly even realized how much time had passed, yet I was still working. I didn’t actually stop or finish working until about 2:30am.

To be fair this project that I was working on has been one of my top priorities for the last 3 months. And I finally made like a ton of progress on it. Here’s the thing, it was one of those projects that I just had to sit down and do 95% of it all at once.

I sorta just felt like Tim Urban in his TED talk:

I had done all the thinking and planning and explaining beforehand as to how it was supposed to work… Just had the part where I actually do the work left.

Around 4pm I started working on it. I worked until 6pm and then took a break until about 10:30pm. Then I got back to work and finished at 2:30am. Not bad, that’s a solid 6 hours to build out a pretty big initiative and link it all together.

In that time I built a new webinar funnel. Wrote headlines and scripts for the pages, recorded a video that I got right on the second try, built out 5 typeform applications with 10–15 questions each. Set up an offer, set up new affiliates, set up tracking links, set up custom domains, set up redirects, set up all the tracking and built one gnarly folder in Zapier to automate a ton of stuff. Also set up a new pipeline in our CRM and set up all the automation to push things around. Oh yeah, and it all automatically dumps into google drive for analysis of the data as it comes in…

The point I want to get across is finishing. I was like so so so tired by the time I got to the end of that process. BUT everything I needed to do was just so crystal clear in my mind and I knew exactly what needed to happen that I just had to finish it. There is something about forcing yourself to make it to the end that brings so much satisfaction.

I didn’t even really have an official deadline, but finishing it to me was a huge accomplishment and helped me get over a bunch of mental barriers for a project like that.

So next time you set out on some grand adventure, just be sure to finish it… And also I wouldn’t recommend making a habit of staying up that late working very often.

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