Frustrations vs Problems

You can only solve what has been clearly thought out

There is a major difference between a frustration/complaint and a problem. It’s a simple distinction that is valuable to have an understanding of what it really means.

You know you have a problem if you see something the way it is and know how you want it to be. If you don’t know how you would want it to be or how it would work in the ideal scenario, then you are just complaining.

We’ve been talking about this framework lately. It’s useful to think through to clarity to know when there are problems that need to be solved, or additional thinking and journaling required to get to clarity.

You may be frustrated with how your HOA runs, or who is your local elected officials, or that your computer is running slowly. All of these are complaints, unless you can clearly articulate how you would like it to be. So what is it specifically that you are frustrated with about your HOA, how would you propose it run in the future?

Now you have something which you can go out and solve and create a solution to test.

Problems are easily tested. Problems can be solved. Complaints are just a side effect of laziness in thought.

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