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This guys channel(s) are awesome

Enter demolition ranch. It’s a YouTube channel of awesomeness all about guns. He blows things up, sees what’s bulletproof and mostly it’s just thoroughly entertaining.

All the videos are good, the newer ones are a bit better quality and more enjoyable to watch and he has awesome guns.

For example this is awesome:

He has other channels too, more of a standard vlog type deal. They’re great and well worth your time.

Which brings me to another interesting point and idea. I believe YouTube is going to more and more become the first place people go for entertainment. Even more than Netflix in a lot of cases there are shorter bursts of entertainment and channels you can follow along with and see them progress. The idea of becoming a part of someone’s life as if they are your friend is very contagious.

They are entering the media and publishing game in a big way too and becoming a bigger player. For a long time they’ve been one of the top sites and have more video than anyone, it’s just interesting to see how my media consumption has shifted in a lot of ways to less professionally done and more genuine. They aren’t doing anything crazy to edit stuff out or make it different than it really is, just being them.

So give demolition ranch a watch and enjoy all the fun guns and start following some folk on YouTube. It’s amazing.

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