Just Add Cognition

Inevitable-ness of tomorrow

I’ve been reading Kevin Kelly’s new Book “the Inevitable” and it is amazing. There’s a couple ideas that I more than agree with that I’d like to regurgitate.

First is this idea that we are living in one of the most advantageous stages of life we could possibly be in. We often look back to the early 90's and think man if only I were there and did all that easy stuff when the Internet was new I could have been really successful. But as true as that might be its no where near reality as it is today.

We literally live in a day where servers are practically free and Internet connects everything. I agree with Kevin in thinking that when we look back from 2050 we will realize how great of a time right now is to be building and designing new things of the future.

The second piece of this is to simply add cognition to everyday products. AI is going to be huge and the smarter things get the smarter our world gets as well. We are in a day and age where we can simply add cognitive capabilities to everyday items and they are instantly connected across the world to millions. This is epic, we can simply have things collect more data and report on that data to provide us insights and move us forward in all directions.

So take advantage of the time we are in and build something cool and go read his book.

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