Mental Grit

An unknown but important characteristic

When you think of grit you imagine the old western cowboy who doesn’t let anything deter him of his course. He is the one who has courage, strength and resolve to do whatever has to be accomplished. Now, I believe that “grit” is something that can be possessed mentally and a great strength, yet many don’t have it.

When something gets hard why is it that so many just choose to give up and take almost an apathetic approach that they just don’t care any more? Are we only working to make things more comfortable in life, or are we able to pursue something that is good and right for a long time because that is the case?

In relatable terms, I like to think of older guys, who when you speak with them you realize they have had a full life of events and moments that have shaped their being and character. The whole “hard work builds character” isn’t going away, well at least the principle isn’t changing its stand to be false. Many aren’t working that way anymore and if it’s not easy then they whine and complain.

I’m interested in finding that inner strength and mental grit, and learning how to apply that to more situations. I’m not of the belief that we should suffer continuously because it’s necessary, but rather that we should all have the ability to endure something harder than having 4G instead of LTE.

When I was a little kid and I wanted to hang out with my older siblings I knew I had to be cool with whatever the rules were and plans or I wouldn’t get invited again, or not be made fun of the whole time. Believe me that is enough motivation to get through anything they might ask and willingly help out, and you know what, it was fun and I loved doing it to spend time with them and do whatever the activity was for that day.

I don’t like the idea that we are becoming more and more “soft” in the sense that there isn’t that pressure anymore, it’s almost like it has become ok to complain, when in reality it never became ok or cool. I think it’d be incredibly helpful to everyone if we all worked on establishing a bit of grit in our lives and developing that capacity mentally to get through a few things.

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