My Daily Stack

Morning and Night regimen of supplements

Each morning when I wake up I have a little routine that I go through, it makes me human enough to talk to others and get my mind clear. Plus, allows for some deeper thinking time and awakening of the brain. Needless to say, I love it and it’s important to me.

Near the end of the routine but at the actual beginning of the day for me, I go to my medicine cabinet and grab all my supplements.

I have a daily “stack” that I take, different stuff morning and night. All the stuff in the morning is based on my bloodwork, helping me get to the appropriate levels and perform optimally. My nighttime stack is way more about creating relaxation and a deep sleep for recovery.

Morning Stack

So that’s about 8–10 actual pills in the morning, all of the above I just take one of, except for the krill oil, it requires two capsules to get the necessary dose.

I always take it on an empty stomach, almost first thing in the morning, and I haven’t had any GI issues with doing it that way. It’s usually the first time I drink water in the morning too, which helps because I’m super thirsty and it’s a fair amount of pills to swallow down.

Nighttime Stack

  • 2 Tsp of Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement | Amazon Link
  • 1 g of Brain Octane by softgel | Link
  • 600 mcg of Melatonin (But I’m bumping this number up to 5 mg) | Amazon Link
  • 750 mg of Gaba | Amazon Link
  • 5000 IU of Vitamin D3 | Amazon Link
  • I’m adding 5HTP as well, but haven’t tried it.

All this nighttime goodness makes you sleep so well. At least for me, I’ve been tweaking and hacking on this for a couple of years now, getting it balanced right. I temporarily tried taking out the vitamin d for a while, partially because I ran out, and I noticed a pretty big difference for me personally. However, I’ve heard from a few others that vitamin d will actually keep them more awake at night which I found interesting, but for me it helped me sleep a ton.

In fact, I just started adding it again last night and I slept for a solid 8 hours really deeply too and I feel great this morning.

The real key though is the magnesium, gaba, and brain octane mix, that is what gets all the relaxation going and eases to sleep. Of course, the melatonin helps but that is one where you have to tweak it to get the right amount for you. Some respond to it better than others.

There you have it. All of my secrets about what I’m taking. Well most of them. I will add that from time to time, depending on circumstances I’ll add a custom nootropic blend that enhances cognitive performance and function, increases attention and helps me tune out the excuses. That is not a daily thing though, usually just a couple times a week when I have it. The one thing to note when you take that is to make sure you take it early in the morning, it’ll keep you awake if you take it late morning. The nighttime stack helps a lot to clear that up as well.

Let me know if you have any questions, or better favorite brands of the supplements listed above. Some I really like, and others I’m still testing and willing to try out some different things.

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