My First Run @ 3 Gun

15 Targets in 47

3 gun is comprised of a carbine like an AR 15 a shotgun and a pistol. I ran out with an AR we built last summer, Riley’s shotgun and my glock 19.

The course starts with a long shot on a clay pigeon in the dirt with an AR. Then 2 to the body of the target to the right. Then run to the next spot and hit two more target with the AR.

Safety on the rifle and pick up the shotgun and start moving, chamber the shotgun and pick off 3 clays and run forward and get 3 more targets.

Then safety the shotgun, set it down and grab the pistol. Load the mag into the gun, rack the slide and hit 2 shots to the first target, a clay and 2 more targets and then the steel plate.

It was tons of fun and I learned a lot… probably some competitions for fun in my future.

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