My Morning Routine

We are most definitely creatures of habit, at least I am…

Everyone has some sort of routine, and whether its structured or a frenzied chaotic mess, it does happen day in and day out. Hopefully, its more structured than not

I have been refining it piece by piece and figuring out which order it works best for me but these are the basics. Obviously, there are things like using the bathroom and brushing my teeth and what not, but those are sorta just givens.

1. Make My Bed

I think it was on an episode of Tim Ferriss that I heard about this idea, and it has stuck with me ever since then, when you wake up make your bed, and even if you accomplish nothing else the whole rest of the day, you have at least achieved that victory to which you can crash later that day to an organized and nicely made bed.

It serves two fold for me, I love that it is neat and organized, but also, and in my opinion the best reason, it is far harder to go back to sleep for me when I am up early if my bed is already made, because I don’t want to have to make it again.

2. Prayer

This has always been a standard for me, a morning connection with God, especially offering thanks and gratitude, and then discussing the day with Him. Simple, but one of the best ways to get things started.

3. Meditation

Lots of people see prayer and meditation like the same thing, but I think they are totally separate, and though both promote health mindfulness they have different affects for me. In fact, the combination of the two is really the sweet stuff. That works the best.

I simply use the Headspace app, its simple and walks you through developing processes and only takes about 10 minutes. It’s free to start too!

4. Study

Study of ancient written word provides an immensely valuable baseline for me day to day. Specifically the Book of Mormon. I shoot to get an honest connection with the word and understand some principle that I read a bit better than the day before, that’s the whole goal. I tend to do this for 10–20 minutes, sometimes a bit more or less.

The best way I have found it to work for me is to listen to the audio version while I read along, and I pause and highlight meaningful sections and take notes as I am studying.

5. Journaling

I have outlined this in another post that I wrote, you can read it here.

Basically, I have a free writing, stream of consciousness journal where I write everything I remember from the day before in an accounting format and it turns into thoughts for the upcoming day.

Then I write in a gratitude and goals journal, 10 things I’m specifically grateful for that day, and 5 micro goals I can work on achieving.

6. Publish

As you have seen, and part of this post, I am publishing something short each day. I have lists of ideas in drafts and I pick one, or write a new one each day depending on what I have been thinking about. This has been amazing for me, and I don’t really care if people read it, but its like an extension of my journal, but my public journal for others to read.

I try never to take more than an hour on this, though most of the time its only 15ish minutes to write something out, maybe more if I have the space to write and think.

I try to complete all of this by about 7ish, if I do that I’m in real good shape for the day, and started off right!

7. Gym

Honestly, I am not amazing at this piece of it, I try to get to the gym everyday, and do a variety of workouts, mostly weight training with some cardio. I hate just running though, so I play soccer if I need to go run. My workouts are usually only 30ish minutes and pretty concise.

Of course I would like to get good results and I do see those come as I am consistent and focus on it, but it is more of a way of really preparing my mind than anything.

8. Nutrition

I really enjoy how I feel when I follow Bulletproof standards. You can read more about it here, but basically its 50–70% of your calories (which you don’t count) from high quality fats, ~20% from vegetables, ~20% from protein and the rest starches or carbs. I’m not perfect at all, I still love ice cream and cookies from time to time, but breakfast is usually a bulletproof hot chocolate for me, 100% raw cacao, with grass fed butter, brain octane oil, and some collagen powder, with hot water blended up. If I’m not feeling that, I make some scrambled eggs, especially if I go to the gym early and have a hard workout and want some extra protein for recovery.

I would also include supplements, vitamins and minerals and what not here. I take all the basics, and dabble with varying smart drugs to see how they help me perform.

9. Get Ready

Usually I do this, somedays I dive straight into work honestly, but most of the time I take a few minutes to shower and get ready for the day, obviously if I have meetings or something I want to not smell like the gym.

10. Work

From there I dive into work, whether its meetings or planning or more technical studies and learning I need to achieve. I have all sorts of other routines within work that I try to complete as well, but I’ll save that for another day.

Disclosure: I do not always do it in this order everyday… sometimes I wake up and write right away or go straight to the gym, just depends on how I’m feeling and what I need to get going. BUT, I do accomplish most of these if not all of them every day, especially 1–6, and 8–9. Those are the key staples for me. I love it when I can go straight through this process without interruption as well, so if I seem disconnected like that in the morning thats why, the whole process together really lets my brain wake up and take care of itself and I achieve far greater results throughout the rest of the day when I make sure to accomplish these things.

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