A nation full of opinions

We are all full of opinions, and most of us tend to believe our opinions are right, but then again that’s just me again having another opinion about things. However, I think sometimes our opinions do us more good or harm than not. It goes both ways, and all depends on how they are presented.

An opinion is really “a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.”

The key fact there is it is not based on fact or knowledge. So what you learned from your facebook newsfeed could be fact, but a repeating of those facts are likely just a regurgitated statement of someone else’s opinion…

I love opinions. I think they are great. You can get and establish them however which way you want. The problem I really have with it is the fact that one can be judged for his or her opinion and that becomes a unilateral judgment. You can’t say someone is wrong about how they view something and not expect them to have the same view back.

Of all things in life that are relative, opinions are one of them. However, the very nature of an opinion is that it is not fact or based on actual knowledge, so you can think your view is right but when backed up by additional knowledge you have to take that into consideration.

We are a nation filled with opinions, and I think it’s a great thing, that is part of what makes America such a wonderful place that fuels ideas and innovation, but when people start taking action based on how they think and that harms another’s freedom it becomes a dangerous point of view to retain.

So go for it, have your opinions, but have the courtesy to listen to the other side as well, and with facts and knowledge back up what you say.

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