Scoring My 2017 Goal Performance

Year 25 down…

Some context, this was what I wrote last year:

The main thing I learned is that I probably had too many initiatives to focus on and complete. I didn’t really finish much which either points out that I’m a little bit too zealous or it wasn’t something I really wanted.

Here were my goals with some commentary and review…

#1 Climb in Yosemite National Park

This one hurts a lot that I didn’t make it happen. I had more than one potential trip planned and they all fell through in happening. I’ll definitely be rolling this one forward to the new year to make sure it happens!

#2 Publish My First Book

Also a little frustrated with myself on this one, I have the content and just didn’t make space for it. I think it was too broad of a concept and I needed to dial in the scope a bit.

#3 Design and Sell A Physical Product

The product was designed and the prototype was created and we’ve been testing the product all year. Never sold a copy of it but we are planning on running a kickstarter for it this year!

#4 Crush Data Better

Definitely spent a lot of time on this one and will be moving this forward. I spent a good 25% of my time focusing on data and getting better at it, especially the data engineering side of things.

#5 Manage $1,000,000 / Month In Ad Spend

Super far off on this one, but we have made some substantial moves to make this a reality. The goal is really $1MM a day in ad spend.

#6 Summit Mt. Rainier

This is definitely in the works, but about 2 years out I’ve realized. Need to sign up and reserve a spot for it and start training a bit this year to be ready for it. Planning on a Spring of 2019 accomplishment.

#7 Go To South America

Really just wanted to go there because I’ve never been, however it didn’t make sense this year. Not sure if I’ll go in 2018 but I’m looking for a good opportunity to make it happen.

#8 Become A Better Leader

Spent a substantial amount of time in this area, most notably started going through Manger Tools and all they have to offer. I feel like I’ve gotten better so far but have a long way to go still!

I’ll be posting my goals for next year tomorrow, some of these may continue but the rest will happen when they happen. Wish me luck.

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