Stand Up… For Once

The whole political correctness thing... eh

Now I guess I don’t really qualify to give advice to those going back to school since I’m not going back to school this semester, but I thought maybe I could share something with y’all about it. And to be fair, I like what Tomi here has to say…

“Merit is out the window but feelings…”

I agree with her on this one. It’s time that a few more people actually stand up for what you believe in. Yes, what YOU believe in. Not a regurgitated view of one of your professors.

I love it when people have their own opinions, like the ones that are actually thought out, preferably written and concise with reasons that logically make sense. Stand up for the things you believe in, and my guess is until you’ve been questioned about why you believe something and are able to still believe that way after the fact, you probably don’t actually believe it yet.

So perhaps this year, like my friend Tomi suggests, we can just actually speak our minds and work on preserving the freedoms we care about, but who knows I guess that’s not “cool” to say.

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