The French Fry Concept

You can always eat one more…

How often have you gone out to eat and let’s say you get a burger and fries at your favorite cheating type restaurant. You can of course finish off the burger with ease, but you are pretty full by the time you get to the end. Of course, during the meal you have been slowly chomping down on the fries that came with your meal. By the end of your burger and half your fries you are way more than full, but you keep on snacking on what’s left until they are all gone.

The interesting thing is what happens next. If you are with some other and they are in a similar situation and you’ve finished your meal and there are some extra fries on the table, you might have “just one more”, I mean since they aren’t going to finish it anyway. There is always room for just another fry. They are so seemingly small and imperceptible, yet if you add up the total of all those small things it can add up quickly.

There is this idea out there that as a business professional or CEO or whomever you always have room for one more thing. I don’t disagree with that at all. There always seems to be room for one more little thing here and there.

However, it’s a perception thing where you aren’t really able to tell how many “one more things” you’ve accepted and sooner or later those build up to be too much.

I think this same concept happens financially to most, where you can always afford just a bit more here for dinner, or a little bit more on your car payment, but the sum of all of those might put you over your threshold.

This can be an amazing thing to increase our capacity to perform and accomplish, or it can lead us to overload. Finding that balance is key. It’s like choosing the sweet potato fries instead.

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