The One Thing You Can Control

My implementation of this stoic philosophy

We only have control and influence over 1 thing. That is our mind. We often fall into the trap that we have the ability to control things around us and are able to make the things we want to happen, happen. But that is futile and often causes more pain.

We can really only control our mind and our thoughts. We have the incredible ability to think about something we want to accomplish and then go out and do that thing. However, in the midst of accomplishing said task, we have to remember to focus on the things we can control.

No matter how much you think about it, you can’t force it to snow or be sunny. So getting frustrated and angry that it is happening isn’t going to get you any further in life.

I have been working on implementing this idea, and have felt an overwhelming sense of additional calm. It’s refreshing actually, and makes me more accountable. I decide if I am happy or sad, angry or content, and whether or not I’m offended by any comment from another.

It’s a brilliant way to live, just seek to build systems you can rely on, choose your emotions and reactions to any which situation and enjoy life more fully.

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