The Unseen Things

The little habits that no one else knows about…

I can’t stand it when someone successful is criticized and people say, “Well he/she was just fed with a silver spoon, so of course it worked out for them.” Where did this even come from anyway?

The English language expression silver spoon is synonymous with wealth, especially inherited wealth; someone born into a wealthy family is said to have “been born with a silver spoon in his mouth”. As an adjective, “silver spoon” describes someone who has a prosperous background or is of a well-to-do family environment, often with the connotation that the person doesn’t appreciate or deserve his or her advantage, it’s having been inherited rather than earned.

Well there you have it. What that colloquial expression doesn’t exhibit are all the things that those with or without inherited wealth do to achieve success. It doesn’t talk about all the early mornings and late evenings to get caught up. It doesn’t talk about the tens of books and articles read to try and understand new concepts. It doesn’t talk about the hours upon hours of persistent dedicated work to achieve goals. Surely it doesn’t denote any of the characteristics of hard work and dedication.

No, those who use this are coming from a scarcity mindset, and instead of spending their time better educating themselves and working hard they come up with ways to criticize those that do. That is my biggest problem with many who are more left of center, they don’t seem to value the hard work that business and business owners offer to create a better tomorrow. Instead the enact policies that likely rob future successes and cause more headache.

In a discussion with a friend last night he said, “You might be born poor, but if you die poor that’s totally up to you.” He may have quoted that somewhere else as well, but remaining in you initial state and not progressing is simply not human. Stagnant nature is your own fault.

I am all for helping the poor and needy, with what I do have but helping them might also be providing opportunities and creating ways for more to enjoy a greater abundance in their life. But please, stop criticizing those that are working as hard as possible to achieve a level of comfort they desire and to create a world they are happy to live in.

To put it in olympic terms, we don’t look at an olympic athlete and think, “man they were born with a pool right next to them and just given these gold medals…” No, we look at them and look at all the hours upon hours of hard work they put into training, eating right, strengthening their core discipline and become great. We don’t criticize them for missing social events or choosing not to do something in place of their bigger goal. In fact, when we see these athletes we praise them for their diligence and hard work.

I love the way Under Armour put it in this commercial, Rule Yourself.