These Are Awesome… Seriously

If you like food, you’ll like these

I saw an ad recently that got me. $59 for 9 fresh meals delivered to your door. Freshly is this new company that makes pre-prepared meals never frozen and ships out weekly on subscription if you’d like. I received them this past Friday, and man they are good. So easy to warm back up to and the quality is top notch.

Now, this isn’t some paid advertising promotion for them, I’m certainly not getting anything by doing this, but they are that good. If you are super busy and spend $5–10 on a meal anyway, this is not a bad way to go. You get to pick which meals you like and how many you want each week, it’s pretty awesome.

They heat up nicely, taste good, make you feel good so it’s a win for sure. So unless you are a robot, and don’t need food to perform, give them a shot. If you want to CLICK HERE you get 6 meals for free and you just pay shipping, which is $10. That’s only $1.67 per meal to try this out, not even fast food will give you that kind of a deal…

Anyways, they are good and I like them, so you should try them: Free Food

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