Those Aren’t My Brights, I Promise

Sorry about the new headlights

We are pretty good at making assumptions. We do it all the time. A snap judgment here and there. It keeps us alive lots of times and makes us think the worst in other times.

Such is with every driver I passed last night on our road trip. I’d inevitability get flashed by each of them as if they thought I had left my brights on, then I’d flash them back showing that I didn’t have them on.

It was annoying but entertaining. Turns out the new car has lights a bit brighter and stronger than the last car I was driving.

So sorry if you thought I was flashing you last night or any other time I pass you in the foreseeable future but sometimes your assumptions will just be wrong. That’s alright, it’s good you checked to see if you were right, just don’t get bent out of shape if you turned out to be wrong.

That’s a good motto to live by, have your opinions, check your assumptions and don’t be afraid to be wrong about something.

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