Time For New Shoes…

squished feet and pointed toes

When it comes to foot fashion I am rather terrible at reviving my shoes and staying on top of reasonable footwear, at least when it comes to casual attire. I’ve always had a difficult time finding shoes I enjoy and ones that fit my feet well and that look nice with different attire. As such is the case, I tend to just let my shoes go for as long as humanly possible before someone with more sense than I tells me I have to acquire myself some new footwear.

I rather pride myself on this fact, who really needs more shoes right? All women I guess as you can tell by looking in any of their closets, but nonetheless I still like shoes.

However, when it comes to footwear for special occasions and activities I am very much on par with what needs to happen there. I’m rather good at staying on top of that trend. Moreover, outdoor activities I find myself with many many pairs of shoes for every activity.

You need specific shoes for snowboarding, or rather boots.

You need specific shoes for golf.

You need specific shoes for mountain biking.

You need specific shoes for river rafting and casual hiking.

You need long range hiking boots with ankle support

But you also need shorter range hiking shoes with good stability.

You need sandals for boating and casual outings.

You need running shoes and gym shoes.

And of course you need climbing shoes for rock climbing.

When it comes to any of these types of footwear I am very much on top of my game. As such, I’ve recently acquired a new pair of climbing shoes, the La Sportiva Miura XX. They are rather fantastic and likely going to be a favorite of mine. After a friend letting me know that he could see rubber falling off of my shoe as I climbed the other day, and feeling my toe on the hold while bouldering I decided it was in fact time to pull the trigger on a new pair of shoes, thus, the new miura’s were acquired.

They take after the old miura’s that have been around for 20 years now and are quite likely the most common and versatile climbing shoe out there. They are fantastic, slightly more aggressive and a bit stiffer. Technically they are Adam Ondra’s pro model shoe that he climbs in and after trying them on and climbing a bit I think I understand why he likes them.

They have all the good features about the standard miura’s plus a few bonus features to make the shoe a bit more impressive. Realistically, the jury is still out, I’ll have to see if they really are as awesome as I think right now after a few climbing sessions but so far I’m impressed.

So I may struggle with normal shoes, but my activity specific shoes I’ve got down and the new ones are just splendidly awesome.