Unlearning Is More Important Than Learning

Become a master at information filtering

Each day I’m barraged with new information. There is always a new app, a new strategy for business and new findings on some scientific study. There is a lot to process, retain and understand.

As such, we are always learning something new and gaining new insights. We focus really heavily on learning and learning and learning, always getting smarter and becoming more intelligent. However, this may be slightly misinformed, and leading us in the wrong direction.

I would never suggest we stop learning, rather that we learn in a slightly different manner. “Unlearning” more than learning.

One of the smartest ways to know more is to get rid of extraneous information from memory and focus on having the most correct pieces of info ready at hand. There are tons of things we hear and remember that just aren’t true, or we hold on to our way of doing something rather than embracing a potentially more effective way.

Unlearning is a skill just as much as learning. If we can unlearn the incorrect things as we receive feedback from our daily life and experience, we are far better suited to be sharp and do the right thing the first time as we encounter new problems and challenges.

My recommendation would be that each day we should learn something new, but each day we should also unlearn something and forget about it.

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