What’s Included With EyeBall Division Ads Management?

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We’ve been spending money on ads for the last 10 years. Bought from most every ad platform you can imagine, and spent a lot of money on it. We’ve developed specialized internal processes to make this all happen in the most efficient manner possible.

Effectively managing advertising is easy with the foundation of proper data. It essentially consists of turning up the things that are working and turning down and off the things that are not. Additionally, knowing and figuring out what to create to fix problems and improve results.

If we manage your advertising, we’re responsible for ads, targeting, budget and algorithm control, as well as basic CRO. We help you spend your money to get the highest possible return on ad spend at the highest possible volume.

We break it down to these 4 elements. Who we’re advertising to, what we say to them, where they go when they respond, and how much each acquisition is worth vs the cost to acquire.

Over the years we’ve built many thinking processes and algorithms to effectively control advertising for maximum profit.

The core deliverables for Ads Management Include:


  • Audience creation
  • Retargeting set up and management
  • Look-a-like audiences
  • LTV audience creation
  • Custom video view audiences
  • and anything else to do with figuring out who we’re advertising to, and optimizing that part of the process.


  • Ad creation and copy
  • Data driven management of ad bids, budgets, etc
  • We collaborate with you on creative, this is often better handled in a discussion.
  • We’ll help with everything needed to make sure we show the best ad to the best person.
  • There are some limitations on video, we will do minimal editing, adjustments or updates. We’re willing to work with you on scripts and direction of video, however we do not include video production costs in this fee. We’re in this with you and happy to help you create the best creative assets for the situation.


  • Landing page and funnel optimization by the data, this does not include building the tests for you, rather we collaborate on what should be built and make decisions all through out the funnel for how much of which traffic should go to which funnel.
  • We give advice and strategy on what should be in the funnel and landing pages
  • Running tests of landing pages, making decisions on an ongoing basis about weights and other optimization.
  • Blue printing new funnel architecture, conversion hacks, and applying all of our combined split test results for you benefit.
  • For example: we’ve tested order bump pricing endlessly across multiple products in multiple markets at multiple prices, and can give you copy that’s pre tested, and advise prices that will yield better results.
  • Price test management and analysis.
  • Access to any templates we create for landing pages or funnels you can use to build new offers.

How Much:

  • Managing the balance between CPA (cost per action) and iGPA (initial Gross Profit Per Action)
  • Making and executing all other decisions based on profitability.

Interested in some help? Let us know, we’d love to chat.

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