When Giving Up Is NOT An Option

The moment before we excel, we are often broken

Recently, I picked up a membership to a local bouldering gym. I’ve been in there almost everyday since, and after today’s bouldering fun, my hands look like this:

How many busted open blisters can you count? This is the process of getting my “hands in shape” I suppose. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but seems to me whenever you pick up something new that requires a lot of contact from your feet or your hands you have to get through this stage of callus-ification, so you can withstand whatever you put them through as you move forward.

It’s like one step backward before you can really move forward and get better. Believe me when I say I feel that right now, it’s quite painful, even this typing is a bit awkward.

However, I feel like too often we give up in life when we reach impasses that seem to cause too much pain to move forward, when in reality that is just the moment before it gets WAY better and allows you to really perform.

So don’t quit because your hands are torn up or you have blisters on your feet, rather take a rest for a day and then go back at it and see just how far you can make it.

I hate to see a generation that gives up quickly, is offended easily and never completes what they start. Let’s not let that become our destiny.

Oh and let me know if you want to come climbing.

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