When It Seems Impossible…

Just depends from what perspective we are looking

Nearly every week you come upon some challenge or problem that is seemingly insurmountable. It could be something personal, or within our family or a technicality at work or even just understanding something new. Whatever it may be we all approach this sense of freak out where we don’t think we can do it, that it might not be possible.

Then sure enough, we take a step back we evaluate the situation and we find ourselves above and beyond that problem. I love that about climbing, and approaching new risks.

When you are climbing you look up at something and think, how am I ever going to get up around and past that. And then you get to that spot that seems like there are no more holds, no possible way to get above and around it and you freeze up.

You look at your feet and your hands where you are holding and figure out how to get up. You aren’t ever going to surmount and surpass the problem without moving. So slowly but surely you start to move your foot up a little bit higher and then your hands and then your feet again, and before you know it, what seemed like you couldn’t surpass you find yourself on top of that seemingly impossible route.

I love the methodical preparation and approach that Alex Honnold takes in this video, they climb it and prepare, and clean the route to make sure it’s safe then each move he makes is a practiced calculated effort, and before you know it, he is at the top.

When it seems impossible, like you can’t push any further, just take a step back and look at your holds. Where are you already secure, and how can you move that thing just a bit further. What would it take to help you get your foot just an inch higher.

The problem or challenge always appears harder looking up at it, once you look back down you seem to forget just how hard it was in that moment.

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