Why We Should Love Capitalism More

Thanks for the insight Milton….

I love the simplicity described by Mr. Milton Friedman, in something as simple as a pencil. Just think of the thousands of products that you use on a daily basis and how that affects thousands and thousands of people. It truly is remarkable what a free market will create when positioned to be responsible for it’s on success.

Through the efforts of each little provider to each company, and the creation of products that consumers actually desire we are able to bring abundance to more and more people.

That is the ultimate goal of our company, our purpose of existence, “Accelerate Abundance”

That essentially means that we are able to help more people have more of the things they need and want by effectively helping companies acquire customers, thus reducing the cost for them to make a profit and creating the ability for them to reduce the overall cost to the consumer.

I’m a big fan of capitalism, I think it forces so many, if not all of the right things and makes the world a better place.

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