Zippity Do Dah… Zippity De

Biking in Fruita

I’ve ridden in Moab a bunch of time and have heard fruita was fantastic riding but had never made it out here until today. It’s amazing, and super fun. Slightly different riding but still mostly desert terrain.

Off of 18 road there are a bunch of popular trails with fun short loops. We chose zippity dodah to start. A 6 mile loop. The climb up was mellow and nice.

Then when you get to the top you cruise across on a traversing trail to the top of the downhill run. It’s all hard packed smooth single track with desert all around you.

Then you start winding down these steep sections with switch back trails, banked turns and fun bumps and rollers. Plus if going fast isn’t scary enough for you, look to the sides too see exposure and drop off on either end. It’s rad.

The sunset was pretty spectAcular as well, like fire in the sky setting over the horiZon.

It’s a cool place for sure and there is way more riding for us to do than we have time for, but it definitely lives up to the hype of some great riding. It’s a little on the hot side right now to be riding too much During the day, late spring and fall would be fantastic times to ride.

Plus you could easily make a Moab run out of it as well, its only an hour away, so you could hit up both meccas for some great trails.

Thanks Fruita for so much fun.

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