How to unfollow users that aren’t engaging with your content on Instagram

In MassPlanner do the following:

This method includes just a little bit of work, but after you’re done, you’ll be following only those users who are engaging (liking/commenting) with your posts.

So, let’s start.

First, you need to go to Contact tool > Extract Users.

There you will extract users from these URLs

If you have, for ex. 3000 followers, you will set it to “Extract 3000 users for each line added below”, or even more since there’s a chance a lot of users who do not follow you liked or commented on your pics. See screenshot below.


Click on EXTRACT USERS and wait until Mass Planner finishes extracting. Then go to Use users tab. Select all users you extracted. Those are users who liked or commented on your posts. Click on EXPORT SELECTED button.

Excel sheet with extracted users will open. Copy all usernames from “Name” column (first column in the excel sheet)

Now, go to Unfollow tool, check “Use Whitelist” option, paste all usernames there and click on ADD USERNAMES.

This could take some time, when I tested it, to add about 425 usernames it took me about 7–8 minutes.

After it’s done, you will see a pop up window that says so. Maybe there will also be couple of invalid usernames there, those are probably users that got banned or changed their username.

Now when you added all of them to whitelist, check “Unfollow all users” and “Also target users followed outside of Mass Planner” and start the Unfollow tool.

The tool will unfollow all users except those that liked or commented on your posts. This way you’ll be following only those who are interested in your content.

That’s it. Not really as much work as you thought it would be.