Strategy: Dynamic Hashtags | Spinning Hashtags | Rotating Hashtags

What Is Dynamic Hashtags?

AKA Spinning Hashtags, or Rotating Hashtags
Dynamic Hashtags is when you have a large amount of hashtags which will randomly alternate between every post. Dynamic Hashtags work for both Re-Posts and or Campaigns.

Example: Lets say I have and Instagram account wich posts pictures of cats. Lets also say that I have 100 hashtags which all relate to cats in some way. If I added all of the hashtags into the Dynamic Hashtag box, they will randomly alternative inbetween posts.

What Is The Advantages Of Dynamic Hashtags?

Dynamic Hashtags allows your pictures to reach a much larger audience. Just imagine if you are using the same 30 hashtags in every post. Your pictures will only be found if users are searching within those 30 hashtags. With Dynamic Hashtags you can drastically Increase your pictures exposure rate, since now your pictures will be found under a larger amount of hashtags.

Getting Creative With Dynamic Hashtags

As you know there are many different hashtags that all have a different number of posts on them. In most cases short hashtags will have the most amount of posts on them, while longer hashtags have less posts on them. Its common sense that if you post a picture in #Cats #Meow or other popular hashtags, well then your picture may be seen for 0.25 seconds before its lost within the crowed of other cats. The only time popular or short hashtags are beneficial is when your account is receiving thousands of likes on each picture and gets Featured under the Top Post section of that popular hashtag for millions of targeted users to see but thats rare; HOWEVER using Dynamic Hashtags will increase your chances. So instead, add around 80% less popular hashtags into the Dynamic Hashtag List (#ILoveMyKitty #CatsGoneWild), and then add a few well popular hashtags (#Cats #CatsOfIG). Now when you make a post, Dynamic Hashtags will randomly select [1–30 hashtags depending on what you set it as] and around 80% of them will be less popular hashtags. Your pictures will get featured much more often, under a larger variety of less popular hashtags resulting in your pictures staying under the Recent Posts sections for a longer duration continually getting more exposure, and engagement. This is when things get fun. When your pictures remain visible under the Recent Posts section for a long duration, your picture will continue to get more likes and comments. The majority of the time you will get so many likes and comments from the verity of less popular hashtags that your picture gets featured under the Top Post section of the less popular hashtags which will be seen by thousands and thousands of users in a day. Now for the EXTREME fun! Now than your picture is featured under the Top Posts & Recent Posts of less popular hashtags, your picture will continue to receive more likes, and comments. Sometimes this is enough to get that same picture featured under the Top Post Section of the popular hashtags. If this happens your picture will be seen by millions and your followers, likes, and comments will come flooding in! BEST OF ALL…this happens automatically just by adding hashtags into the Dynamic Hashtag box.

If you are planning to use this method on a brand new account, or an account that receives very little likes & comments change the ratio 80% less popular hashtags & 20% popular hashtags to 95% less popular hashtags & 5% popular hashtags.

PRO TIP: If you know of one very popular hashtag where you seriously want your picture to be featured under, use 100% less popular hashtags in the Dynamic Hashtag box and set the amount of hashtags to 29. Then go to your captions and add the very popular hashtag that you want your picture featured under. What this will do is include your very popular hashtag in every post you make, and Dynamic Hashtags will add 29 randomly selected less popular hashtags into your post. Keep doing this and you will see your picture featured under the Top Post section of some of the most popular hashtags.

Converting Your Hashtags Into The Right Format

Did you just try to add your list of hashtags in the format of #Hashtag1 #Hashtag2 #Hashtag3 and relize that Dynamic Hashtags needs the hashtags in the format of Hashtag1, Hashtag2, Hashtag3?

Well, here is an easy way to quickly convert your hashtags into the right format. Copy all your hashtags which have the hashtag symbol before the word. Paste all of them into a Text Document. Next you want to hit CTRL+H (Find&Replace). You want to find “#” and you want to replace with “,”.. You will notice now that all the “#” turned into “,”. Now we face another problem. Your hashtags will look like “,Hashtag1 ,Hashtag2 ,Hashtag3”. As you can see the comma is in the wrong place. This can easily be fixed by changing “#” to “ #” ←-Notice the space before the hashtag, and replace & changing “,” to “, “. ←-Notice the space after the comma. Finally click Find and Replace All and within a second all your hashtags will be in the correct format. This process only takes 10 seconds once you get the hang of it.


Where To Find A Large Amount Of Hashtags Relating To Your Niche?

  1. I first start with google “What are hashtags relating to _______”. I then copy anything which relates to my niche into a text document.
  2. I then go on Instagram, and search for other accounts in my niche. I look mainly for accounts with under 50k as they tend to use hashtags more often. I go through pictures and scrape their hashtags also. Remember you want to take your time doing this and collecting a large amount of hashtags since it will save you loads of time in the future, and also the more hashtags you collect the more exposure your pictures and account will get.

Final Notes

BE PATIENT! It will take a few days or even weeks (depending on how many hashtags you add into Dynamic Hashtags) before all of the hashtags have been rotated and used. For example: Lets say I added 500 hashtags into Dynamic Hashtags. I would need to post 17 pictures (30 hashtags X 17 = 510 hashtags). Second, at the beginning your pictures will get a very little amount of likes. THIS IS NORMAL! Dont make any changes and just wait a few weeks for it to start working as it should.


Find & Replace Tool — Click Here3

This tool will allow you to remove or add the hashtag symbol (#) from every hashtags.

Remove The Hashtags (#hashtag #hashtag TO hashtag hashtag)
1. Enter all the hashtags in the bottom box
2. In the middle box enter the character “#” and click Find & Replace Text
Now your list of hashtags have the # removed from them.

Add The Hashtags (hashtag, hashtag TO #hashtag #hashtag)
1. Enter all the hashtags into the bottom box
2. In the middle box enter the characters (comma & space) “, “
3. In the top box enter the character “#” and click Find & Replace Text