What NOT To Do — Instagram

This is what not to do when using MassPlanner for Instagram.

There are so many things that users need be careful of regarding settings, strategies, methods, and much more. We all learn from our own mistakes, so why not share our mistakes with others, so they dont have to make the same mistakes. We are a community here after all, and can all improve beyond what we currently know.

In this topic I will continue to monitor all replies, and add replies which the majority agrees with. This will ensure the information in this post remains as accurate and beneficial as possible. I will also do my best to update this topic as Instagram constantly changes. I will be conservative with what not to do. This will ensure the least amount of mistakes are made.

If you are an advanced user, you are more than welcome to push the limits if you see fit. Just proceed with caution. You CAN still use this information as a benchmark incase you decided to push the limits and get accounts banned. With this information you can restore your settings to a safe limit, and begin pushing the limits again until you find your sweet spot.

I would also like to encourage Admins and staff to monitor this section to ensure all information is accurate, and beneficial. I would also like to encourage members of the forum to comment on others replies if you have experienced the same problems. This will increase the credibility of each reply.


It will save you lots of time & money!

If You dont want to read this entire (very informative) guide, then I have one golden rule which will summarize the majority of what is listed below.

The the Golden Rule is: You need to make your accounts all appear as if a real human was using them.

  • If you think a setting makes your account look more human like; USE IT!
  • If you think a setting makes your account look more automated like a robot; DONT USE IT!

What NOT To Do

Proxies, IP’s, and WiFi

Do not add more than 3 IG accounts / Private Proxy

  • I recommend a maximum of 2 accounts/Private Proxy

Do not use public proxies EVER!

  • Your account will have a VERY high chance of getting banned

Do not login to an account using Public WiFi

  • These networks are highly abused, and will heavily increase your chances of getting banned

Do not use rotating proxies

  • Rotating proxies, are proxies that constantly change. You want to assign 1 dedicated proxy that will never change

Do not change the proxy assigned to a specific account often.

  • Constantly changing your proxy or the IP will raise suspicion

Do not assign an account to a proxy IF a previous account on that same proxy was banned,

  • If an Instagram account was banned on Proxy #1, DO NOT assign a new account to Proxy #1 right away. Wait a minimum of 10 days (I personally wait 30 days).

If Account #1 is assigned to Proxy #1 do not attempt to login from Proxy #2, your home internet, or cell phone 3G/WiFi.

  • Your proxy may be located in a different country, city, state, or province. If one minute your account is logging in from China, and then the next minute you are logging in from the USA, Instagram will either assume you discovered a super sonic method of travel, or that you are hacking into that account.

Social Actions (Tools)

Following, Liking, Commenting, Un-Following etc

Do not run social actions 24 hours!

  • Let your accounts sleep for 8+ hours every day. This means Do Not run any social actions (like, follow, comment, un-follow, posting etc) for 8 hours ore more every day. It is un-human like to not sleep.

Do not skip the process of warming up your account!

  • This applies to BOTH new and aged accounts. Whenever you are automating actions, you need to start with very very low settings and increase them slowly each day until you reach your goal.
  • If you were automating your account for Month #1, then you stop for Month #2, and you start automation again in Month #3, you need to warm up your account again. You do not need to user ver very low settings, however still use caution.

Do not use the comment, or DM features (unless you are experienced)

  • Instagram and other social media platforms strictly enforce comments and DM’s to protect all their users from spam.

Do not use the comment tool UNLESS you use the spin text (syntax) tool

  • The syntax tool will chance specific words in your comments to lower the risk of similiar comments (which appear as spam).

Do not follow more than 500 people / day (unless you are an experienced user)

  • The goal to keeping your accounts safe is to appear as human like as possible. NO person in their right mind will follow more than 500 people / day

Do not like more than 500 people / day (unless you are an experienced user)

  • The goal to keeping your accounts safe is to appear as human like as possible. NO person in their right mind will like more than 500 people / day

Do not un-follow more than 500 people / day (unless you are an experienced user)

  • The goal to keeping your accounts safe is to appear as human like as possible. NO person in their right mind will un-follow more than 500 people / day

Do not post more than 10 pictures / day.

  • Posting to many pictures will make your account appear as spam.
  • People who follow your account are following lots of other accounts also. They DO NOT want to see a shit ton of your pictures in their newsfeed. They want to see a good balance between your account and other accounts.
  • If you post to much, they will un-follow your account which reflects your accounts exposure rate, and also slows down the growth of your account.
  • Your followers may get mad at how many posts you post. This will increase your chances of getting your posts re-ported or your account being banned.

Do not add accounts into your follow or like source IF they have lots of followers and very little likes & comments.

  • Accounts with lots of followers and little comments, likes, and or views purchased fake (bot) non-active followers. If you follow these accounts followers, you will be wasting your 500 follows every day since non of them will follow you back.

Website Links In BIO

Do not use the same url on different accounts.

  • Instagram has website crawlers which will check every link for spam, illegal content, and other security reasons. If they see you have the same website on more than one account they will think your account is spam, and may ban your account.

Do not use sub-domains as an alternative to promote the same page on different accounts.

  • A sub-domain is a a website link that looks like “www.Drive.Google.com" or “www.Google.com/Drive". You are not tricking Instagram. Instagram will see that both websites have the same domain “www.Google.com" and deem your account at spam.

Do not link directly to a CPA or Affiliate offer!

  • You need to use landing pages! A landing page is a website in-between your CPA or Affiliate offer. Your audience/followers will click on your link in your BIO. This will bring them to your landing page. On your landing page, there should be a brief description about your CPA or Affiliate offer, AND a big button for the visitor to click which will send them to your CPA or Affiliate Offer survey or purchase page.

Do not use the same landing page on more than 1 Instagram account

  • This leaves a big footprint and the damage can be BIG. If you add the same landing page to 10 accounts, if one account gets banned, the other 9 accounts will ALSO get banned.

Do not use cheap domain names

  • Cheap domains are domains that are very low in price. Since these domains are cheap, lots of people buy them in large quantities and use them for spam.
  • You NEED to use .com or other popular domains.

Do not stick to one CPA/Affiliate offer.

  • Every CPA or Affiliate offer attracts a different niche/audience. Some offers will be very successful, when others are horrible.
  • No one on this forum or anywhere else will share with you in detail the CPA or Affilate offers they use. So in order for you to know which offers make the most money, you need to try a veriety of different offers in different niches. Find some offers that work good, and keep them. Delete the offers that are not generating profit, and use these accounts to promote and test other offers.

Your Accounts Appearance

Do not use the same BIO on multiple accounts

  • Instagram strictly enforces spam. Having the same BIO on more than one account will make your account appear more like a spam account. This will increase your chances of getting all your accounts with the same BIO banned at the same time.

Do not use the same display picture (unless you change the Md5 hash of the picture)

  • If you are uploading your display picture using your smart phone, home computer, or even the Embeded Browser within MassPlanner the MD5 hash will NOT change. This will leave a foot print and get your account banned.
  • If you are using someone else’s picture as your display picture on just one account you STILL need to change the MD5 hash.
  • To change your MD5 hash you need to use the Edit Profile feature in MassPlanner. It is located under Social Profiles > Click on your account > Edit Profile tab. When you add any picture here to update your account it will automatically change the MD5 hash for you.
  • If you do not want to use the Edit Profile section on MassPlanner you need to download a program to change the MD5 hash of each picture.

Posting Content

Do not post the same content at the same time on multiple accounts

  • Once again (starting to sound like a broken reccord), posting the same content at the same time will make your account appear as spam. Instagram will detect this and ban all your accounts posting the same pictures at the same time.
  • To avoid posting the same content at the same time you need to change how MassPlanner posts pictures on each account. If you are re-posting, randomize the sources in the Re-posting Source section. If you are using the Campaign feature you need to enable “Choose A Random Post From the Post List”. This feature is located under Campaign > Select your account > Overview > Advanced Settings > General tab.

Do not set “Make Imaged Unique Before Posting” to None or Low. If you are posting content that is not yours.

  • If you are reposting other peoples content you ALWAYS need to make sure that “Make Imaged Unique Before Posting” is checked and you have “Medium” or “Hard” selected. (I personally use medium).
  • If you are posting your own content you do not need to enable “Make Imaged Unique Before Posting”.

Do not post more than 3 pictures/day on new accounts

  • New accounts are fragile and under heavy watch by Instagram. If you post to many pictures on a new account it will appear as spam, and your account will get banned.
  • You want to start with 1–3 posts/day and increase by 1 post every 3–5 days until you reach your desired daily posting requirements.

Do not post more than 10 pictures/day on any account

  • Posting more than 10 pictures a day will make your account appear as spam. This will increase your chances of getting banned.

Adding Mass Accounts To Instagram

If you add more than 1 account to a single proxy, do not verify all at once. (Wait a few hours; preferably 24 hours)

  • You will get banned if you verify both accounts at the same time sharing the same proxy.

Do not start social actions on newly added accounts (Wait a few hours; preferably 24 hours)

  • No one creates an Instagram account and starts lots of social actions on the first day. You want to appear as human like as possible, so start slow, and warm up the account.

Buying Instagram Accounts

Do Not Purchase New Instagram Accounts. (88% Agree)

  • New Instagram accounts are heavily watched by Instagram to prevent spam on their social platform. If you make a mistake you will most likely get banned.
  • Aged accounts are considered more trusted by Instagram. If you make a mistake, you will probably just get a phone verification pop-up instead of the account getting banned.

Do not change all the account details right away!

  • When you buy an account you will want to change the username, display picture, BIO, email, phone number. MAKE sure to only make 1–2 changes every few days (the longer you wait between changes the safer the account will be).
  • Week #1 — Change the profile picture
  • Week #2 — Update the BIO
  • Week #3 — Add a website link into the BIO (If you need a website link on your account)

Verifying Accounts

Do not use the same phone number to verify more than 2 IG accounts.

  • Ask yourself, how many Instagram accounts does one person have? Now ask yourself how many phone numbers does one person have? The highest percentage of users have 1 accounts and one phone number. If you verify more than 2 accounts with one phone number Instagram will see that you own more than 2 accounts and will assume you are spamming.

Do not use public SMS Verify websites (Accounts will get banned or hacked)

  • These numbers are free, and are the MOST abused for verifying accounts. They are almost all blacklisted by Instagram. If you use them, Instagram will see that you used a blacklisted phone number and instantly ban your account.
  • Received messages from public SMS websites are publicly seen. This increases your security risk since hackers can possible steal your account.

Do not use TextNow.com TextPlus.com or other websites that give you internet based phone numbers.

  • Instagram has blacklisted most of their pool of numbers. The chances that you use a blacklisted phone number is very high. If you do use a blacklisted phone number your account will be instantly banned.

Do not verify multiple accounts at once

  • Once again, it is un-human like to verify lots of accounts in a short time frame. So dont do it.