Why Negative Views of KIN from Crypto Talking Heads Don’t Matter

As the new year begins to settle into place I find myself reflecting upon the last year for KIN. There have been extreme highs and extreme lows. It has been a roller coaster of emotion in the KIN community. The downside included delays, shifting priorities and quite a bit of confusion. On the upside we increased our transaction speed, added 30+ apps to the ecosystem, 6 million + wallets and have exceeded the daily active user count of all Ethereum dApps combined. This is only a short list, but you get the point.

With all this new found attention being drawn towards KIN, there have been a host of new spectators and speculators throwing their opinions into the ring. It seems the trolls have crawled out from the deep sewers that they once called home, solely to tell us how they know KIN will fail. It’s hard to tell exactly how many of these new watchers have gained a positive view of KIN and how many have a negative view. Whatever the split may be on the investor/speculator views of KIN, I’m here to tell you…… IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK as long as KIN continues to do their job. You’re probably asking yourself, “What do you mean it doesn’t matter? Of course it matters. That’s how this whole thing works you fool!”. Well, if you were speaking about the majority of crypto projects that have you no real product or use case, you’d be right. The opinions of investors matter because their prices are based solely on speculation. The “what might happen” when it’s complete is basically what determines the price of 99% of cryptocurrencies. Here’s the thing. KIN has 30+ apps live in the App Store and Google Play store. Guess who uses/will be using most of these apps? Not crypto junkies. These apps are for all walks of life. They are for average users and consumers. They have no opinion on crypto. In fact, they don’t even know they are using it. All they know is that they can earn KIN for accomplishing tasks in their app and then they can use that same KIN to buy things. They are unbiased in the situation. They don’t care what you think. Why would they? They are getting paid for their time. It’s a trojan horse and it’s only going to continue to spread. Did I mention KIN is gearing up for the Developer Program Round 2? We could see an additional 30 apps or more enter the ecosystem.

With all that said I’m expecting 2019 to be a HUGE year for KIN! Soon(ish) this year we will be up and running with the new dev program, moved to ONE BLOCKCHAIN, begin to see large exchanges and very likely to see the automated KRE take shape. Of course there are many other exciting things and I’ll save that for another day. Happy New Year!

-Chaseeb signing off.