Social Media Influencer Marketing

In the past 5 years we have seen marketing take a huge turn. There are so many diverse ways for a company to speak to their audience. It seems that the quality of a brand now determines the quality of a product. In this article I will highlight strategies and steps to one of the most effect marketing strategies; influencer marketing.

Positives of influencer marketing?

It all started with major brands like Nike, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola targeting influencers with the largest followings — usually celebrities. Now it has dialed down to location and culture based targeting; finding people with an “ok” following who have influence over a specific type of people.

  1. Less pressure to consumer : coming across an ad from someone you choose to follow not only brings less pressure to buy, but significantly raises probability of a purchase and increased brand awareness.
  2. Credibility established : some brands take years to gain credibility with an audience, this is already present with influencers on social media.
  3. Less expensive : cost is very organic and can be negotiated. Most of the time it’s a money saver compared to other methods of reaching a targeted audience.
  4. Creates culture : finding influencers that already have a culture parallel with your brand can establish and build your brand quick.

Possible side effects

All-though influencer marketing is a great rout to go for advertising and sales, it’s not for everyone.

  1. Rise and crash rate : companies will spend big bucks to get their products known across social media and will see incredible sales only to have their audience loose interest in a short period of time. With the size of social media as a platform, it is a large struggle to keep an audiences attention for a long time.

How to start?

Here is a great article that helped me start my own influencer marketing!

Questioning how lucrative this marketing trend can be? Take a look at what companies are willing to pay for some exposure.

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