Taylor Swift’s Change to the Concert Industry

Highest Income In The Industry

With the impact music streaming has made on music sales, concerts are now the largest revenue in the music industry. How will this vital pillar evolve to create more sales and reach larger audiences? Taylor Swift is leading one of the biggest changes the concert era has seen.

Plateaued and Sabotaged

When an artist gains momentum they start booking more shows and can also raise ticket prices. The problem this brings to the biggest acts are a narrowed fan base that can afford shows. Many have combated this with 200+ shows for an affordable price, that way they can hit a large audience and make it possible for anyone to go. This has been the method of touring for nearly a decade and here is why it’s time for a change.

Time and Effort

Putting together a tour with 150+ shows can take over 6 months to plan. Buying production crews, booking venues, designing sets and stages, finding dancers, marketing sales, and so much more. Taylor Swifts 1989 tour traveled with 26 semi-trailer trucks and 11 buses carrying 146 people from city to city. Additionally, about 125–150 people were hired in each city to help with the load in and stage setup. The entire load in and stage setup process took between 6 and 8 hours for arenas, with stadiums requiring an additional day.


This has been the biggest problem with current tours. High-demand artists decisions to lower ticket prices for fans is a perfect opportunity for scalpers to buy mass amounts of tickets. Computer programs used by scalpers can scoop up the best seats on official sites like Ticketmaster and Eventbrite quicker than any human can. Scalpers quickly flip these prime tickets for a profit on resale.

Ticket Master Teams with Taylor Swift

This partnership may lead to one of the most successful tours in Taylor’s career so far.

The Breakdown:

  1. You are asked to create a profile.
  2. Your goal is to achieve the highest priority in order to have front-line access to tickets.

3. You gain priority based on activites featured on your profile. Some of these include (pre-ordering Taylor’s album, buying merchandise, watching her music videos, or posting on social media).

What Does This Mean For Taylor and The Industry?

Larger Sales and a Broader Influence

Artists that adopt this method of Concert marketing will benefit in the following.

  1. Less scalpers will have access to tickets, which means real fans get in the door for a good price.
  2. Album and merchandize sales will largely increase bringing in much more revenue than streaming music provides.
  3. You essentially have free marketing for your concert and its all incentive based for tickets.
  4. You will reach a large portion of your audience to participate while having the option to tour to less cities.

I predict that as we see Taylor Swift’s success with this tour, more artists that are high-in-demand will adopt this type of sales for their concerts.